So what is the deal about Pandas?
Did you ever want to learn how to surf but could not afford it? Were you envious of all your friends being able to ice-skate while you were sitting on the bench? So you love photography but you have nobody to help you become an expert? Imagine you are going on vacation to Hawaii next month, you want to ride the big Kahuna but your budget is limited. Who is going to help you?
Become a “Panda” and change all of that now!

What does it mean being a panda?
Being a “Panda”, gives you the opportunity to offer and ask for help with every sport or activity out there. Our community can help you out, whether you want to make some money, while teaching fellow pandas the secrets of your favourite sport, or by asking other pandas to assist you with their expertise.

Why a panda?
The panda is one of the most lovable animals in the world, it is catchy and in general too cute. It was only natural for us to choose it as the perfect mascot for our community.
Become a “Panda” now by registering and start interacting with other pandas right away.
Remember to bring more “Pandas” in our community and help create a panda nation.

How does it work?
The platform works very simple. You start by registering, this makes you a “Panda”. After that you can press on the “Post Ad” link and advertise yourself. By advertising yourself we mean, you create a post, asking or offering help with some kind of sport or activity.  If you know how to skateboard very well, for example, you can post that you are willing to teach others for free or a small fee. Your advertisement will be visible on the platform by everyone but only members will be able to contact you. After contacting each other you can make whatever arrangements you see fit. We are not involved in any interaction between the members.


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