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Would like to learn how to windsurf

Would like to learn how to windsurf but cannot spend too much.Had some basic lessons but need more practice

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Become the best chess player on the world

Hello my friends, I am Jon, a keen player of chess and would like to teach anybody who wants, how to be an advanced player. […]

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Hiya, i would really love to have some expert opinion about my skating skills

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Learn how to Golf

I am a moderate golf player but i am willing to help out everyone that wants to learn some more. If you can not afford […]

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Writing help

Hello all I am currently spedning time writting a small novel, but being an amateur I can definetely use some help. I cannot afford a […]

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Surf in Cadiz

I am willing to teach anyone that wants to learn surfing on the beautiful beaches of Cadiz. Feel free to contact me to arrange a […]

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Are you working everyday, coming home tired, eating something and falling asleep? Thank god you have the weekend to change a bit the monotony of your weekly life. Did you.
The place to be this winter is Arinsal!!!!!!!  A small village located to the northwest of Andorra, offers everything a skier or snowboarder would like to experience. For more detailed.
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